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Kautilya Society
Ram Bhawan
D-20/21 Munshi Ghat
Varanasi- 221001, Uttar Pradesh

(below the map are the directions)

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As you walk along the Dashashwamedh Road, after 400m from Godowlia Crossing, the road bifurcates. Take the road going to your right.

Just before that road reaches the Ghats, you will see a Bank of Baroda ATM on your right hand side. Take the lane which starts from there and go towards your left. Walk around 400m on that lane and on your left hand side you will see some steps going up next to a small temple. Kautilya Society is in that lane.

You must reach Dharbhanga Ghat (which is two Ghats after Dashshwamedh Ghat when you have the Ganges on your left). Just climbs the stairs next to the Dharbhanga Palace, we are behind it.


  • From the Airport – The pre-paid taxi will take Rs 500 and will drop you at -Godowlia. From Godowlia you will have to walk, since the road is closed to cars
  • From the Station (Varanasi Jn): Rs 50 by Rickshaw, Rs 100 by Tuk-Tuk, Rs 300 by Taxi. There is a pre-paid Tuk-Tuk (called Auto) Stand. The tuk-tuk will drop you at  Girjagarh (or the church), a crossing that is 100 m from the Godowlia crossing. The taxi will drop you at the Godowlia crossing. Vehicular traffic is prohibited beyond Godowlia between 9am to 9pm.
  • From Mughal-Sarai: Rs 250 by tuk-tuk till Dashshwamedh and Rs 500 by Taxi . Depending on the time, they will drop you at Girjagarh/Godowlia/Dashshwamedh.

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