Kautilya Society Projects

Residence close to the Dashashvamedh Ghat


The Kautilya Society contributes to local initiatives that support sustainable development based on the conservation and responsible management of local culture, heritage and resources. It supports local and global initiatives that promote cooperation and dialogue amongst peoples



 Hospitality and Study Centre

The Kautilya Society projects include a Hospitality and Study Centre called Ram Bhawan located in the premises of its headquarters (see  http://www.kautilyasociety.com/blog/about-us/our-projects/study-centre-and-hospitality)


Heritage Protection

The Kautilya Society has been an active advocate since 2000 for the protection of the Ganga riverfront ghats and its natural heritage as well as the heritage buildings and architectural spaces in the old city of Varanasi (see http://www.kautilyasociety.com/blog/about-us/our-projects/protecting-our-herita)

Cooperation and Dialogue 

The Kautilya Society produces documentaries and online manuals that aim to empower local organisations in managing their projects efficiently and effectively and to bring across the voices and success stories of people involved in cooperation projects across the world (see  http://www.kautilyasociety.com/blog/about-us/our-projects/kautilya-online-resources)


The Kautilya Society supports students, schools, and educational initiatives in Varanasi, Kashmir, Bihar, Allahabad and Africa. These education projects benefit the marginalised and most vulnerable sections of society, especially young women and girl children (see http://www.kautilyasociety.com/blog/about-us/our-projects/kautilya-education-projects)

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