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Kautilya Online Development Cooperation Handbook 

The Kautilya Society produces documentaries and online manuals to support development cooperation initiatives. These online resources aim at empowering local organisations in managing their projects efficiently and effectively and to bring across the voices and success stories of people involved in cooperation projects across the world

The KS uses extensively new media as a means to interact and communicate. Besides animating a Facebook logo (square).png Facebook group and page, KS has developed a Wikibook-based knowledge management system on Development Cooperation Handbook development cooperation issues and produces videos that are shared the videos on YouTube YouTube icon block.png TVP Channel and on Commons-logo.svg Wikimedia Commons, under a Cc.logo.circle.svg  Creative Commons License: in this way, project stakeholders can freely utilize and share the video footage with others or partners. Their feedback helps us edit the video footage and link stories and testimonials on development issues that are tackled in this handbook.


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