Kautilya Tours in India

The Kautilya Society supports,facilitates and promotes Responsible Tourism, i.e. a tourism that uses, in a responsible manner, the social and environmental assets that interests visitors. This kind of tourism minimises negative economic, environmental and social impacts, generates economic benefits and enhances the well being of host communities, involving them in decisions that affect their lives and livelihoods, and making positive contributions towards the conservation of local natural and cultural heritage.

The Heritage of Varanasi is a shared value for our entire humanity but it’s protection is not not effectively monitored or legally protected by the Indian Government. The Kautilya Society is actively involved legally and socially to preserve the heritage of Varanasi and in order to raise money for the project and generate greater awareness among travellers we offer the following services:

  • Draft tour Itineraries for Varanasi specifically or India more bradly. These are tailor made itineraries done on request.
  • Cultural Facilitators for tailor made Tours in Varanasi or India. These can be a group of travellers that collectively requests our service or a tour agencies.
  • Conduct Heritage Walks in the city. (Every Saturday, we offer a FREE heritage walk from 3pm till 5pm)

Responsible Tourism: For centuries, religious tourism Responsible Tourism in Varanasi has given the city enormous economic benefits while maintaining the development of spiritual, philosophical and artistic knowledge. Temples, royal palaces, and ashrams have been the focal points for such tourism. Foreign tourism, interested in observing such traditions, was begun by the British and developed outside the cultural and religious centres of towns, usually in the cantonment areas, contributing to increasing the local wealth and the success of large chains of hotels like the Clarks, Taj, etc. However, utilising these models to unsettle existing patterns of hospitality and tourism, especially in the old city area, is dangerous for the tourism industry itself.

Heritage Walks

We organize Heritage Walks at the request of guests. These are lead by Mr. Devashis Paul, a senior member of the Kautilya Society, and can be conducted either at sunrise time or sunset.

Each Heritage walk is around four hours long and costs Rs. 2600 for one or two people. Each additional person is charged at Rs. 500.

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