Protecting our Heritage

Proposing Ganga riverfront Ghats in Varanasi for the UNESCO World Heritage List

Ganga Riverfront Ghat Skyline

The Kautilya Society has been an active advocate since the year 2000 for protecting the Ganga riverfront ghats in Varanasi, its natural and architectural heritage.Our expert members have compiled and collated documentation for enlisting the ghats of Varanasi in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

In an effort to save the old buildings and skyline of the Ganga riverfront ghats, the Kautilya Society filed a Public Interest Litigation in the High Court of Allahabad appealing for state and local governments to respect all legislations for protecting the heritage of Varanasi, demolishing all illegal constructions violating civil laws and take actions for protecting this unique cultural symbol of India and one of the ancient most continuously living city in the world .

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