Chief Justice of Allahabad HC exposes failure of Varanasi Development Authority to discharge its statutory obligations

The Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court, where the Kautilya Society has filed a PIL for protecting the heritage of Varanasi, has issued a strong order meant to force the Varanasi Administration to align to legal procedure.

In the Court Order of 14.08.2014 for PIL No. 31229, it is stated that:

The manner in which illegal constructions are being raised in and around the ghats at Varanasi would not be possible but for the complicity of the Administration and, at the least, the failure of the Varanasi Development Authority to discharge its statutory obligation”.

The Court has also appointed an amicus curiae to assist the Court in the proceedings of the PIL. This means that the High Court of Allahabad recognizes the strong relevance of the issue presented by the Kautilya Society for public interest and that the Court not only intends evaluating the allegations made in the Court by the Kautilya Society but will also directly assess, monitor and evaluate the situation constantly.

In the High Court Order, the Varanasi Administration has been ordered to give evidence of what it is doing in order to contrast illegalities.

For the time being, however, the local administration is only continuing with the various forms of harassment against the Kautilya Society and against its Secretary, Vrinda Dar.

The latest move in the series of harassment against the Kautilya Society has been the cancellation of its registration which was due for renewal. The Society has appealed against this decision in the local courts, contending that the allegation made by the Registrar Societies of ”violation of laws that govern the Society”, is totally false and baseless since there have never been any violations that the Society has always fully complied with all its statutory obligations. By trying to cancel the Society’s Registration, the local administration is in fact trying to silence its critical voice and stop the advancement of the Public Interest Litigation case.


High Court Order of 14.08.2014 for PIL No. 31229


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