Varanasi recognised as National Heritage

The Allahabad High Court Order, following the hearing held on 11th September 2014, has formally declared that since Varanasi is of national importance, its conservation and development must be ratified by national-level experts.

The High Court further observed, “Any intervention in restoring the heritage of Varanasi, more particularly the banks of the River Ganga, cannot be looked at from the perspective of isolated proposals of development but must be conceived from holistic perspective.” See article in Times of India

This hearing was requested by the U.P State Government as an appeal against a previous Allahabad High Court order that had stayed a pharaonic construction plan proposed by it.

Vrinda Dar believes that development must be done for the benefit of the city and not for the developers. She said it is essential that whatever is planned for Varanasi should be done through a process of social dialogue that involves all stakeholders, local and national. Vrinda also said that any kind of development plan for Varanasi must include in the planning process, a team comprising atleast conservation architect, geologist, water engineering expert, accountable governance, urban planning.


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