Kautilya Society for intercultural dialogue is a non-profit organization, based in Varanasi, India.

It aims at promoting dialogue and partnerships among people and cultures across the world

and supports development cooperation actions and initiatives.

Below are the links to the main projects of the Kautilya Society.

About the


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The Vrinda project


Sharing knowledge resources for NGOs

Wikibooks  ⇒ The Development Cooperation Handbook

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Ram Bhawan Residence  (for members only)

Writing.svg on Banaras Biradari (The Kautilya Community Blog)

Contact us

  • By E-mail

  • By telephone: landline:  +91-542-2452179 / 2455139   (from 9 am to 8 pm Indian time , i.e. GMT+ 5 hrs)

  • Skype id: kautilyasociety